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Welcome to AGADA, a place where every moment becomes part of your personal story on the shores of the Kinneret
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About us
The AGADA Home, with its 30 magnificent-view apartments, is located on a cliff, offering breathtaking views of Lake Kinneret and the Golan Heights shrouded in blue haze.
The building’s architecture is not by chance: it evokes a snow-white yacht moored on ancient rocks on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Each floor plan was carefully thought out to ensure that every apartment offers stunning views of Lake Kinneret.
m to the sea
swimming pool
is to find happiness
We’ve thought through everything to ensure that your future home surrounds you with comfort and tranquility and only gives you joyous and magical moments.
To find a home
Your comfort is our passion — the AGADA Home has a premium finish options with warm colors made from the highest quality materials.
Sometimes getting a high-quality turnkey solution is the best choice to save money for what really matters. Accordingly, the AGADA Home also offers complete furnishings for your residence.
Working with Israel's best interior designers, we will select options from leading local companies to suit the most demanding tastes.
The dynamic lighting system in the cozy lobby will greet you with warm light every evening when you return home, imparting a sense of security.
Property management and rentals
Yala Rent, one of Israel's largest management companies with international projects, will work to ensure you receive income from renting out your apartment when you are not residing at home.
The building’s ground floor has an open-concept gym with the new-generation fitness equipment, including a cardio zone and treadmills.
The finish includes high-quality parquet flooring and fully finished bedrooms, living rooms, shower rooms, bathrooms, washrooms, fitted kitchen, and an air conditioning unit in each room.
High ceilings and panoramic windows form spaces full of light.
We used unique textures of finishing materials and fabrics that bring comfort and coziness to the interior of AGADA. Natural stone, wood and clay in the interior preserve the energy of nature and the hands of the masters who worked with them.
The lounge zone with leather armchairs and a small library add special charm to the interior, as well as a spectacular art object in the form of birds hovering over the ancient lake in search of their home. There are exactly 30 of them as the number of apartments, and these birds symbolize the beginning of your history on the Galilee coast.
The top floor features a recreation area with a swimming pool, accessible only to AGADA residents. Enjoy socializing with friends at the bar or by the pool with stunning evening views of the mountains and Lake Kinneret.
rooftop lounge
sacred place
We would be delighted to become your home in the Holy Land. A home that makes you feel your connection to Israel, sense the inner strength that comes from historical roots, and spend time with the people closest to you — your family.
AGADA means "history" or "legend" in Hebrew. We named this project like a magical book of legends that we open every year on Passover to read with our children.
We invite you to embark on an exciting journey through space and time, infused with centuries-old history and the spiritual practices of the Jewish people.
You will be guided by the rich culture of Tiberias, the enchanting nature of the Sea of Galilee, and the luxury-yacht-shaped AGADA Home, where your personal path to the Jewish Holy Land begins.
AGADA will open
in Israel
a new chapter of your life
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Мы рады стать вашим домом на святой земле. Тем, который помогает почувствовать вашу связь с Израилем, ощутить внутреннюю силу, идущую от исторических корней, и провести время с самыми близкими людьми — своей семьёй
AGADA на иврите означает «история» или «легенда». Мы назвали этот проект как волшебную книгу с легендами, которую каждый год открываем в праздник Песах и читаем вместе с детьми
Приглашаем вас отправиться в увлекательное путешествие через пространство и время, наполненные духовными практиками еврейского народа и многовековой историей.
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Вашими гидами будут богатейшая культура Тверии, очаровательная природа Галилейского моря и клубный дома AGADA в виде роскошной яхты, где берёт начало ваш собственный путь на святой еврейской земле
AGADA поможет написать
в Израиле.
новую страницу вашей жизни
Tiberias is an ancient city on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northeastern Israel. It was founded in 17 CE at the dawn of the Roman Empire. It is a picturesque place with ancient narrow streets and homes made of black basalt.
in the heart of Israel
Тверия — древний город на берегу Галилейского моря на северо-востоке Израиля, основанный в 17 году нашей эры, на заре Римской империи. Это живописное место со старинными узкими улицами и домами из чёрного базальта.
в сердце Израиля
Tiberias is
a picturesque
Tiberias is
a place of religious
spirit and heritage
Tiberias is
fish dishes
Tiberias is
Tiberias is
a place where history and religion
join in harmony
Write your own story
on the shores of the Kinneret
St. Urban Bar at the The Scots Hotel
The St. Urban Wine Cellar & Bar is a cozy bar located in an ancient cellar inside the Scots Hotel in Tiberias. Its wonderful atmosphere, lighting, and music magically combine with exquisite dishes from the chef, which pair harmoniously with the list of wines from the best Israeli wineries.
Напишите собственную историю
на берегу Кинерета
A forest reserve called the Swiss Forest is located near Tiberias. It is crisscrossed by many walking trails and tracks. The hilltop location lets you enjoy the warm breeze coming off of the lake as well as its views.
Swiss Forest
The Sea of Galilee is mentioned in the Bible and is shaped like an ancient musical instrument, the kinor, hence the name Lake Kinneret. It is fed by the waters of the Jordan River, rain downpours, and mountain streams. At an altitude of 217 meters below sea level, this unique biotope stuns the traveler’s imagination with its beauty. On the western shore of the lake is the city of Tiberias.
The Kinneret has a rich fauna — more than 50 specifies of fish live here, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world. The coastline offers luxurious beaches, recreational areas, and hot springs.
Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret)
Moses ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides or Rambam, was an outstanding Jewish philosopher and Talmudic theologian, rabbi, physician, and scientist who lived in the 12th century. To this day, his grave remains one of the most important Jewish pilgrimage sites in Israel.
A modern memorial, with a metal structure symbolizing a crown, was created in the last century. The graves of revered rabbis Yohanan ben Zakkai and Isaiah Horowitz are also located here.
The Tomb Site of the Rambam
According to Jewish legend, during the funeral of Maimonides, a group of Bedouins, who were about to attack the cortege as it marched through the desert, "lowered their heads in shame" when they realized that it was the funeral of a traditional healer. Instead of carrying out their original plan, they arranged to provide security for the procession.
An ancient archaeological site and Israeli national park. The Hamat Tiberias natural hot springs are located within the park. According to the sages of the Talmud, the springs were heated as they flowed past the entrance to Hell. Archaeologists have concluded that Hamat Tiberias was built on the ruins of the biblical city of Hammat. However, finds from excavations are limited to the 1st–8th centuries CE.
Two synagogues have been excavated at Hammat Tiberias. They were built at a time when Tiberias had become the seat of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish highest court of religious law, from 193 CE until the end of the 4th century, when Emperor Theodosius I banned the Sanhedrin’s activities.
Hamat Tiberias National Park
The main city promenade — a boulevard from the Old Tiberias to the center, where there are shops, cafes and restaurants, live music sounds. Here you can also buy fresh fish at the fish market. The evening walk along the promenade with magical views of Lake Kinneret and the Golan Heights is especially pleasant after a long day at the water park and a delicious dinner.
Tiberias promenade
Mount Arbel is near Tiberias and rises 181 meters above sea level, which is approximately 390 meters above the level of the Dead Sea. It towers above the surrounding area, which is mostly below sea level. From the observation deck at the top of the mountain, you can see almost all of Galilee and the Golan Heights, including Safed, Tiberias, and most of Lake Tiberias. There are four villages on the mountain: Kfar Zeitim, Arbel, Kfar Hittim and Mizpah.
Near Mount Arbel are the ruins of an ancient Jewish settlement with a synagogue dating back to around the 4th century CE with preserved benches and columns.
Mount Arbel and Arbel National Park
The area was declared a nature reserve in 1967. The national park includes most of Arbel Creek (10 km long), which begins near Eilabun and flows into Lake Tiberias near the settlement of Migdal.
The St. Urban Wine Cellar & Bar is a cozy bar located in an ancient cellar inside the Scots Hotel in Tiberias. Its wonderful atmosphere, lighting, and music magically combine with exquisite dishes from the chef, which pair harmoniously with the list of wines from the best Israeli wineries.
St. Urban Bar в The Scots Hotel
Aqua Kef is located, or rather floats, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It is Israel’s first floating water park. This adventure zone is divided into three sections — Family, Olympic and Extreme — to appeal to children of all ages.
Aqua Kef water park
In architecture, brevity is not just style, but the highest aesthetic form, stemming from refined taste and careful attention to eliminating all superfluous detail from the finished form.
This minimalist elegance conceals wisdom that celebrates not only functionality, but also an emotional harmony designed to delight and inspire.
The architects sought inspiration from the exquisite construction of yachts, seeking to convey their elegance and lightness in every line and form of the building. They created a space imbued with a maritime spirit, embodying sophisticated style and freedom.
Every element of architecture and design reminds you of the grandeur of the location, and inspires you to create your own story.
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AGADA is your home in the Holy Land.
A home to feel your connection to Israel, sense your inner strength and spend time with your family
We've thought through everything to ensure that your future home surrounds you with comfort and tranquility and only gives you joyous and magical moments.
Choose the right height
for your life